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Renewing Your Medi-Cal

A special message from our partners at
County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA)

Getting health care coverage is one of the most important decisions we can make for our families. Keeping that coverage is a crucial next step in caring for our children and families.

For families who receive health care coverage through Medi-Cal, renewing coverage each year ensures that you continue to receive a core set of health benefits, such as doctor visits, hospital care, immunizations, pregnancy-related services and newborn care and services for children.

Here’s how you can properly renew Medi-Cal health care coverage when you receive notifications via mail:

  • Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a lot of information can be verified electronically. But some details, such as household income, may still need to be verified with additional documents. A “Medi-Cal Renewal Form” will be sent when more information is needed, indicating what a family needs to do and how you can contact your county human services agency. It’s important to read this form and take action to continue receiving Medi-Cal health care coverage.
  • Also due to the ACA, tax information must be gathered to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal health care coverage. Families may receive a “Request for Tax Household Information” form if this information has not been previously collected.
  • Some families may not need to take any action to renew their Medi-Cal health care coverage, but will receive important information in a document called “Attention: Important Legal Information Regarding Your Health Benefits.” Families are encouraged to read this document and then consider creating a “Medi-Cal health care coverage” folder for all their health care documents.

These notifications may raise questions for a family about renewing Medi-Cal health care coverage. The good news is a trained county eligibility worker with expertise in Medi-Cal can help ensure that you and your family keep your health care and get renewed. If you or someone you know is in doubt about how to renew your Medi-Cal health care coverage, call your local county human services agency.

Remember – get covered, get care, get renewed!


County Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA)